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Planets Galore!

Well-known planet hunter Geoff Marcy and scientists from the University of California, Berkeley ([U.C. Berkeley] and the University of Hawaii, Manoa announced exciting news yesterday.  By computing data from the Kepler Space Mission, they figured out the number of Earth-like… Read the rest >>

New Curriculum Guide!

The curriculum guide for Planet Hunter is on my website! You can download the pdf at no charge. There are discussion questions, fun activities and experiments, and links to websites for further information. The guide covers the Doppler effect, planet… Read the rest >>

Book Signing at Book Court in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

The cutest little children were pushed in their strollers into Book Court to learn about planet hunting. Mostly, they sat in their mom’s and dad’s laps. One little boy, though, slept in his stroller, while another stuffed goldfish crackers into… Read the rest >>