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Planets Galore!

Well-known planet hunter Geoff Marcy and scientists from the University of California, Berkeley ([U.C. Berkeley] and the University of Hawaii, Manoa announced exciting news yesterday.¬† By computing data from the Kepler Space Mission, they figured out the number of Earth-like… Read the rest >>

Planets Galore!

The planet Kepler 10-b Planets are everywhere! A team of scientists operating NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope announced the detection of an astounding number of new planets — 1,235. In a front page article in the New York Times, reporter Dennis… Read the rest >>


Whew! Life is busy. I visited a wonderful book store called¬†WORDS, in Maplewood, NJ, and signed books. What a beautiful book store, and what nice people. Thank you to Kelsey and Jeff for your help, and for Jonah for… Read the rest >>