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Designer Babies? Genetic Alterations Head Down a Slippery Slope

Should scientists be permitted to genetically alter babies with traits that can be inherited by future generations?  In the past week, the F.D.A. considered the science–not the ethics–behind what is called “mitochondrial manipulation.” Many bioethicists are worried, and think we… Read the rest >>

My New Book Arrives

The U.P.S. man delivered a 46 pound box to our house today, and inside were the author copies of my new book, FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND? THE SHAMEFUL HISTORY OF HUMAN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION. I just love the beautiful cover.… Read the rest >>

Premature Infants Die and Are Blinded: How Do We Balance the Risks to Study Participants With the Advancement of Medicine?

What a coincidence — just days after I sent the final edits of my book FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND? THE SHAMEFUL HISTORY OF HUMAN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION to my editor at Lerner Publishing, the New York Times reported today about… Read the rest >>

For the Good of Mankind? Is Off To The Printer!

If you’ve been checking my blog and haven’t seen any new posts recently, I have a good excuse: I’ve been finishing up edits for my new YA nonfiction book, which is now finally off to the printer! I bet you… Read the rest >>