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Geoff Marcy: Planet Hunter Supreme

Yesterday’s New York Times profile of planet hunter Geoff Marcy brought back great memories of my trip to the Keck Observatory in Hawaii during the summer of 2009.  I spent a few days with Geoff learning about planet hunting for… Read the rest >>

Planets Galore!

Well-known planet hunter Geoff Marcy and scientists from the University of California, Berkeley ([U.C. Berkeley] and the University of Hawaii, Manoa announced exciting news yesterday.  By computing data from the Kepler Space Mission, they figured out the number of Earth-like… Read the rest >>

Marcy Searches For Alien Life

Astronomer and world-famous planet hunter Geoff Marcy is not just searching for extrasolar planets these days. Now he’s looking for signs of alien civilizations. The Washington Post and other media announced today that Marcy received a $200,000 grant from the… Read the rest >>

Kepler Mission Endangered

Courtesy of NASA/Ames Research Center Oh no. The Kepler Space Telescope — responsible for detecting 135 confirmed planets and over 3,500 planet candidates — is malfunctioning and has shut down. The problem stems from a faulty reaction wheel that keeps… Read the rest >>

Geoff Marcy in the News

In case you missed it, journalist Kate Murphy wrote an article about astronomer Geoff Marcy’s personal tastes in reading, watching, listening, and purchasing in the Sunday Review section of the New York Times yesterday. Marcy recommends a new book about… Read the rest >>


Here’s a photo of me with AIP Executive Director Fred Dylla and George Musser, the recipient of the Science Communication award in the adult writing category, for his Scientific American article, “Could Time End?” My husband and I flew to… Read the rest >>

PLANET HUNTER Honored by the American Institute of Physics

I just learned that the American Institute of Physics has granted its Science Communications Award to PLANET HUNTER. The award ceremony will be in Austin, TX on January 11th. Check out the link to the press release! AIP Science Communication… Read the rest >>