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Planets Galore!

The planet Kepler 10-b Planets are everywhere! A team of scientists operating NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope announced the detection of an astounding number of new planets — 1,235. In a front page article in the New York Times, reporter Dennis… Read the rest >>

New Book Trailer!

Check out the wonderful new book trailer for PLANET HUNTER below! Produced by Lisa Gottfried of DigitalWeavers, the trailer peeks inside the book and tells the story of Geoff Marcy and other key astronomers in their search for planets like… Read the rest >>

Happy New Year Shout Out for Planet Hunting!

Artist impression of a trio of super Earths orbiting the star HD 40307.Image credit: ESO If you haven’t read the Op Ed piece in the New York Times today by William Falk, editor in chief of The Week magazine, check… Read the rest >>