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Altering the Human Genome

For years scientists and ethicists have worried about the ramifications of altering the human genome in ways that can be inherited from generation to generation.  Although many recognize the benefits of switching DNA for disease prevention and cures, the fear… Read the rest >>

Designer Babies? Genetic Alterations Head Down a Slippery Slope

Should scientists be permitted to genetically alter babies with traits that can be inherited by future generations?  In the past week, the F.D.A. considered the science–not the ethics–behind what is called “mitochondrial manipulation.” Many bioethicists are worried, and think we… Read the rest >>

Bloggers Write About FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND?

For the next two weeks, several bloggers are writing reviews of For the Good of Mankind? and interviewing me.  Brenda Kahn, blogger for proseandkahn posted today that the book “is one tough but important read,” and “is a must-purchase for… Read the rest >>

Inside Story Fun!

Thank you to the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) and to the Bank Street Bookstore for hosting Inside Story on Saturday.  Lots of people came to learn about children’s books and to hear authors talk about the… Read the rest >>

Come Hear the “Inside Story”

On Saturday, November 2nd the Bank Street Bookstore in NYC is hosting an event for authors of children’s and young adult books called Inside Story.  The event is “an opportunity for teachers, librarians, and children’s book lovers to become acquainted… Read the rest >>

Thank You, Librarians!

Just want to let all the wonderful librarians at the NYC Librarian Conference know how great it was to meet you and hear about your concerns.  The Common Core State Standards are indeed a challenge to implement, and hats off… Read the rest >>

Librarian Conference at Citi Field

If you are a teacher or a librarian, join me at the Librarian Conference at Citi Field presented by the New York City Library System on October 29th.  I’ll be speaking on the Nonfiction Panel moderated by Melissa Jacobs-Israel, a… Read the rest >>

Medical Experiments on Skid Row Alcoholics Condemned

I continue to be saddened by the sheer number of medical experiments doctors performed on powerless people who did not give informed consent.  Gina Kolata’s article in the New York Times October 17th about Skid Row alcoholics who agreed to… Read the rest >>

Henrietta Lacks in the News

In my new book, FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND? THE SHAMEFUL HISTORY OF HUMAN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION, I discuss the case of Henrietta Lacks, a poor African American woman who died of cervical cancer in 1951. And today, over 60 years… Read the rest >>

My New Book Arrives

The U.P.S. man delivered a 46 pound box to our house today, and inside were the author copies of my new book, FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND? THE SHAMEFUL HISTORY OF HUMAN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION. I just love the beautiful cover.… Read the rest >>